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The LT40 has what it takes to get you sawing lumber for projects or profit. Designed for performance, this sawmill is the most popular Wood-Mizer manual mill, because it is accurate, reliable, and productive.

Saw on Site
The trailer-mounted LT40 exceeds expectations with easy set up, a walk-along cutting operation, variable electric power feed system, and fast up and down head mvoement. This manual powerhouse comes standard with a manual winch and a 28 HP gas engine (35 HP diesel available) and can saw up to 400 board feet per hour.

The Wood-Mizer LT40 is a mill than will grow with you. With its many options, you can increase productivity, decrease your labor, and saw to the max.

Dimensions (With Trailer Package)
Length 26’-2” (8m)
Width 6’-6” (2m)
Height (max head position) 10’-6” (3.2m)
Weight (with heaviest power options) 3281 lbs (1488kg)
Maximum Cutting Capacities
Log Lengths 21’ (6.4m) and up to 45’ (13m) w/ BX
Log Diameter 36” (91cm)
Production Rates up to 400 bd.ft./hr.
Power Selections 26 HP (19.12kW) Gasoline
35 HP (26.1kW) Diesel
Available Options
Blades .045” (1.14mm) or .042” (1mm) thick x
1.25” (32mm) wide
Feed System 12V Electric-Power Feed
Up/Down 12V Electric
Wireless Remote N/A
Trailer Package Standard
Bed Extensions 6’, 12’, 24’ (Optional)
Stainless Steel Bed Sleeves Yes
Log Turner Manual (Optional)
Toeboards Manual (Optional)
Board Return Optional
Command Control N/A
Accuset 2 Optional
Manual Winch Standard
Debarker Optional
Log Loader Yes (Manual), Hydraulic (Optional)
Lubemizer Optional
Warranty/Money Back Guarantee 5 yr Chassis, 2 yr Limited/30 Day
Standard Features
Power Options
LT40G28 (28 HP gas)
LT40D35 (35 HP diesel)

Operator Position: Walk along
Feed System: Electronic control powers the head through the log requiring minimal operator effort
Head Up/Down: Electronic control moves head up/down
Easily move blade guide arm from operators position to increase accuracy
Optional setworks does all the calculations and automatically moves head for each cut
Log Handling
Manual Log handling with cant hook
Four side supports are fully adjustable to tightly clamp the log and allow the cut within 1” of bed
Loading ramps assist in moving log onto bed
Optional log turner & toe boards assist with turning and leveling the log
Optional Loading Arm Kit uses hydraulics to lift log onto bed
Bed extensions can be added for long logs (add 6’, 12’, or 24’ sections)

Other Features
Trailer Package makes sawmill fully portable and ready for road travel
Water Lube system keeps the blade in optimum cutting condition
Six adjustable outriggers for bed leveling and stability
Optional Debarker removes dirt and keeps blades sharp longer

Description  Part # 
Hydraulic Log  HLTK 
Loading Arm Kit   
Simple Setworks  SSW 
Accuset2® Setworks  006024 
Debarker  DB 
Auto Clutch  036143 
Operator Seat  OS 
Fine-Adjustment  FAO-KIT 
Outriggers (Set of six)   
Log Turner  LT 
Toeboards  TB 
LubeMizer  LMS-HP 


Cant Hooks

The handles of the LogRite cant hooks are made of aluminum custom painted in Wood-Mizer orange. The most popular are offered in 30", 48", 60" and 78". You won’t believe how great the hook catches, giving you more leverage and torque.

Resaw Attachment

This new attachment resaws slabs gaining you valuable lumber that otherwise would have been lost, produces lap siding – by splitting 4/4 lumber into two even pieces of siding, & can resaw smaller cants into pallet lumber. With the optional “shingle belt”, you can produce your own shingles.


The list is endless as to what you will be able to provide customers with a Lathe-Mizer. Make columns or posts with 3, 4, 6, or 8 sides or perfectly round. The Lathe-Mizer is also a perfect tool for the woodworker who wants to get into more specialized projects. Handles logs up to 13” dia x 8’4” long logs.

Sawmill Covers

Don’t risk rust. We have carriage and engine covers to fit our LT15 - LT70 sawmill models. These tough covers are made from highquality, fiber-reinforced material and come with metal eyelets and rubber shock-cords for
protection against
strong winds.

Shingle & Lapsider

Adding this option is an easy and affordable way to make your own roofing and siding materials. The SLR accurately cuts wood shingles and tapered lapsiding on your mill. Watch Video

Bed Extensions

Wood-Mizer’s portable sawmills can handle just about any log length imaginable. Add 6, 12, or 24 foot extensions to the existing bed sections and tackle any log with ease.