Wood-Mizer was founded in 1987 with one goal in mind: to provide the highest quality equipment in the woodworking industry. Back then we only had a handful of products, but now we most one of the most extensive line of sawing and wood processing equiment available.

Whether your a hobby sawyer or a company looking to produce thousands of board feet per day, we have the right equipment for you. Take a look and give us a call - we look forward to helping you achieve your woodworking dreams, whatever the size.

Manual Sawmills

LT10 Portable Sawmill LT15 Portable Sawmill LT15GO Portable Sawmill LT15WIDE Portable Sawmill
LT28 Portable Sawmill LT35 Portable Sawmill LT40 Portable Sawmill

Hydraulic Sawmills

LT35HD Portable Sawmill LT40H Portable Sawmill LT40SH Portable Sawmill LT50 Portable Sawmill
LT70 Portable Sawmill


Industrial Sawmills

WM1000 Industrial Sawmill WM3500 Industrial Sawmill WM4000 Industrial Sawmill



EG50 Single Blade Edger EG200 Twin Blade Edger EG300 MultiRip Edger EG400 Industrial Edger


SD3000 DH4000


HR120 HR300 HR500 HR1000

Smart Log Processing

Twin Vertical Saw Single Vertical Saw Horizontal Resaw Edger

Material Handling

Material Handling

Inclined Conveyor Log Deck Transfer Table Three Way Conveyor
Green Chain Cross Chain Sawdust Conveyor